Save $161 on 5/28/2017

Save $161 on 5/28/2017

There is $161 in savings this week.  We will be receiving 1 insert with many coupons for hygienic items from paper products to shampoo to baby products. These coupons will keep you smelling good ?.  There are also many coupons for restaurants and big box stores.

Kroger has another Mega Event starting on 5/31 that many of these coupons will pair nicely with.

There over $7 in coupons for Pampers and Luvs products.  If you have a little one, then this week’s coupons will have you covered along with your baby’s bottom.

If you are in need of some summer clothing then take advantage of the Macy’s $10/$25 purchase or the Kohl’s $10/$25 purchase. That’s a 40% savings right there and seriously, we can all use new clothing or sandals, right?!

More importantly, I truly hope you enjoy some family time during this holiday weekend and be sure to thank those that paid the ultimate price for our freedom by serving our country.

Don’t pay full price, let us show you how to save with the Blade’s weekly coupons. Follow us daily on the Blade Plus FB page and the blog.  Let us do all the work for you.  It’s like putting extra money in the bank.

Just the coupons I mentioned total more than $27 in savings, and that is only a few of the many coupons that we will be receiving this week.  It really is that easy and we all need to stock up on those hygienic items that we use on a daily basis.  Go to the store, take your coupons, and BAM you will be saving each week on things you already purchase.

The paper pays for itself when you take advantage of the $161 in savings this week.  Go out and have some fun, but most importantly save money right here weekly in The Toledo Blade where Saving Money with Joni makes Cents!!