4/21/19 Savings

4/21/19 Savings

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE – In observation of the holiday there are no coupon inserts, but we will be receiving $2 worth of coupons for Steak N Shake and $11 worth of coupons to Rite Aid. I truly hope you all enjoy some family time and have a delicious meal. I always love seeing all the little kids dressed up in their Easter Outfits at church and all the laughter of the kids searching for the hidden Easter eggs. We have such an awesome community with so many FREE Easter Egg Hunts and other events for the kids. I have so many wonderful childhood memories as I am sure you all do too 😊

I also want to give a BIG shout out to my husband, Jamie, who turns 50 on Tuesday the 23rd. Be sure if you see him out and about to wish him a Happy Birthday.

Since there are no coupons today, this is a great time to go through all your old inserts and get rid of all the expired coupons. Did you know that you can send your expired coupons to the military overseas? They can use expired coupons up to six months old. Many of the legion halls will accept them or you can visit coupsfortroops.com and they will match you with a family to send your expired coupons to. This is such a cool way to help our military families and puts our expired coupons to good use.

Also, a reminder that the Kroger Mega Event is still going on through Tuesday, April 23. There are many great deals. The Kroger Mega Event is always a great time to stock up on items. There are a few items that are a great deal without coupons.

· $0.49 Green Giant Canned Vegetables
· $0.49 Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom or Chicken Soup
· $0.49 Creamette Pasta

All 3 of these items are stock up deals and no coupons are needed. Many of our recipes call for these items so I ALWAYS stock up when I can snag them for only $0.49!! Plus, they have a very long shelf life which makes it even better 😊

We see so much negativity in the news and online, but through couponing we truly can impact many lives in such a positive way. You just never know how much it may impact and bless someone’s life. When we can get items for FREE or cheap why not share with those less fortunate than us?

As always, I will continue to put together Kroger Shopping Scenarios to help all you Newbies out 😊 It will be step-by-step instructions. This will show you, just how easy it is to coupon and how much money you can save. I am confident you will never go back to paying full price once you start couponing.

Also, be sure to listen to 101.5 The River on Thursday mornings at 8 a.m. as I will be on with Rick giving the best deals of the week and sometimes sharing some funny family stories!!

There are also MANY printable coupons that you can print from freetastesgood.com – just go to the website and then click on the printable coupons dropdown box.
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The paper pays for itself when you take advantage of the savings each week. Go out and have some fun, but most importantly save money right here weekly in The Toledo Blade where Saving Money with Joni makes Cents!!