Save $234.25 on 7.20.18

Save $234.25 on 7.20.18

There is $234.25 worth of savings this week in The Blade. We will be receiving 1 Retail Me Not (formerly known as RedPlum) and 1 SS (Smart Source). These coupons align nicely with the Kroger Mega Event which runs through Tuesday, June 24th. If you haven’t taken advantage yet, you need too! This is a buy 5, save $5 instantly and will be a great time to stock up on many products. Remember, you don’t have to purchase 5 of the same items, you only have to purchase in quantities of 5 of participating products. It’s that easy 😊

The Kroger Mega Event is also a great time to pick up extra items and donate to our local food pantries or homeless shelters. Also, remember many of our local schools have washers and dryers for some of the students to use and many of the schools provide hygienic items to students.

Here are a few of my favorite Kroger Deals:

U By Kotex Tampons – $1.99
Use $3/2 coupon from RMN insert
Final Price: $0.49

U By Kotex Pads – $1.99
Use $3/2 coupon from RMN insert
Final Price: $0.49

Huggies Diapers – $6.99
Use $2/1 coupon from SS insert
Final Price: $4.99

Irish Spring Body Wash – $2.99
Use $1/1 coupon from SS insert
Final Price: $1.99

Lady’s and Men’s Speed Stick Deodorant/Antiperspirant – $1
Use $0.50/1 Men’s coupon from SS insert
Use $0.50/1 Women’s Coupon from SS insert
Final Price: $0.50

As I stated above, if you don’t need some of these items, please consider donating to one of the local schools in our community or a women’s shelter. I can’t believe I am talking about back to school, but it is right around the corner. This summer sure has flown by hasn’t it?!

Have you noticed all the stores have their school supplies out? In addition, Office Max/Office Depot has a ton of great weekly deals including their $0.25 deals. Each week I put a shopping scenario together of school supplies to save you and your family money, plus allowing everyone to pick up a few extra items to donate to one of the many Back to School Projects. Last year we were able to save BIG time and made up 10 backpacks to donate. It really is that easy!

I still remember this was my favorite thing about going back to school was getting all those new school supplies and organizing all of them. Can any of you relate? My oldest daughter said it was like Christmas morning for her. She loved her school supplies, even when she was in high school.

Be sure to listen to 101.5 The River on Thursday mornings at 8 a.m. as I will be on with Rick giving the best deals of the week and of course using my “coupon voice”. I always give a detailed breakdown of each deal I talk about. I will save you over $20 weekly if you purchase all the deals I mention 😊 That’s money in your pocket!!

If you are skeptical about couponing, I ask that you try it one week and see how easy it really is. I mean seriously, I am doing all the work for you, all you have to do is go to the store 😊 Even if you save $10 a week at the grocery store, in a year’s time, you will have saved $520. That’s a huge savings and a nice chunk of change to use on something else.

There are also MANY printable coupons that you can print from – just go to the website and then click on the printable coupons dropdown box. Print those coupons and BAM you will save $1, $2, or so much more!!

Each week I encourage you to pick up extra papers and save BIG. You will save a TON on things you buy and use every day. Did you know if you already subscribe to the Blade, you can pick up additional Sunday papers for ONLY $1? Visit and I will show you how!

Don’t pay full price, let us show you how to save with the Blade’s weekly coupons. Follow us daily on the Blade Plus FB page and the blog and/or visit us also on
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Just the coupons I mentioned above total $10 in savings and that is only a few of the many coupons that we will be receiving this week. This is a great week to pick up a few EXTRA papers!! It really is that easy. Go to the store, take your coupons, and BAM you will be saving each week on things you already purchase.

The paper pays for itself when you take advantage of the $57 in savings this week. Go out and have some fun, but most importantly save money right here weekly in The Toledo Blade where Saving Money with Joni makes Cents!!